What We Do

Project stakeholders may underestimate the importance of the initial phases of a project before production begins. It is the critical moment when all predictable factors and information should be identified, considered and addressed before setting the fabrication process in motion. If left without due attention, unidentified factors and incomplete information WILL become issues and addressing issues during production is an expensive exercise. Our total quality management, supported by our in-house technology and leadership of industry experts, ensure that the execution of a design vision meet brand and industry standards without breaking the budget.


A well-developed system is the secret to a successful implementation. At Wood Couture, visualizing the entirety of each manufacturing project at the very beginning allows us to foresee any potential issues and identify areas of optimization. To support this action, we take extra steps towards the BOQ where other furniture and hotel accessories suppliers do not. Our unique and meticulous transformation of this document into a complete process model ensures the project's success and efficiency. The WdCo Project Control Deck is the invaluable backbone of any custom furniture project. 


Every piece produced in our factories come from a designer’s vision. Our collaborative approach with the designer combined with our in-house software allows real-time design and structural adjustments to custom furniture, artwork, and hotel room accessories. The level of detail in our 3D models shows finishings and fabric choices displayed and any challenge on the piece structural elements in a highly realistic view. This exercise allows any issues to be easily visualized, approved, and actioned immediately, and as a result, minimizes expensive and time-consuming changes in the prototyping phase.


It's all in the details! Decades in the business, we have built a wide network of contractors in Asia which help us understand qualified commercial furniture manufacturers. Alongside the asset capabilities of our factory, our technical team creates a comprehensive production manual for workers in the fabrication process. Constant communication through our custom collaboration software allows us to oversee implementation of manual instructions and resolve issues in real time. 


We go beyond what other top furniture manufacturers do, even after production. We follow a strict process of packaging to protect each item from risk of damage in transit. Related parts and items are bundled together to follow an efficient unpacking sequence on-site by floor or by area, reducing the risk of items getting misplaced or moved unnecessarily. Each package includes a chip label to monitor the state of the item during shipment. A shock indicator can flag when a box has suffered an impact that exceeds a tolerable level, allowing response and remediation to be underway without waiting for an unboxing to reveal possible damage. 


Our work doesn't end after delivery! Should the client have special requests, we find solutions that fit the reality of each hospitality furniture piece and setting. We help extend the life cycle of the product to maintain the look and feel over the years and assist in keeping consistent with hotel brand standards.

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