Founded in the genuine vocation for the crafting of items from wood, Home Couture brings a unique, elegant approach to bespoke home furnishing. Our collaborations with interior designers and constant research on styling, materials and fabrics allow us to offer distinctive solutions and narrate a captivating story within a space.

While conserving its reliance on fine craftsmanship, the company continues to evolve. Thanks to technology and enhancements in machinery combined with the experience and technical know-how of master craftsmen, our processes are more efficient in creating elegant home collections.



Outdoor Couture aims to help create beautiful and comfortable spaces for alfresco dining, poolside, and landscaped settings. With our expertise in manufacturing and hospitality standards, we take into account the many factors of producing pieces that can withstand nature’s elements as well as ease of care and lifetime maintenance.

The materials we use and recommend are the most durable, 100% recyclable, non-toxic and weather resistant. This allows us the flexibility to execute the design aesthetic envisioned, whilst providing the client with the confidence that our furniture will meet the durability standards required for hospitality use supported by 2- year warranty. We closely collaborate with designers and buyers to ensure that each bespoke end-product fits the design, purpose and level of care intended.


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