Joining Forces

Wood Couture's co-founders have different backgrounds that complement each other perfectly, and that combination is key. But one thing they do have in common is the sincere passion they developed for hospitality projects during the course of their careers. It is that passion that brought them together when they realized they had similar views about the industry's issues and that they could make a difference to address an unserved need. Filippo Sona has over 20 years of experience in management consulting for the hospitality sector worldwide, understanding the intricacies on the management side, while Paolo Della Casa has been an entrepreneur in FF&E for the hospitality and high-end residential market for decades, understanding the realities of custom furniture. Both extremely successful in their fields, they decided to join forces and create something better, something new.

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One of the most recognized names in the global hospitality real estate community having carried out work in more than 28 countries for the past 27 years. Inquisitive and passionate about the world of hospitality, Filippo is considered a friend of many of the major hotel companies executives and is an active member of leading conferences and organizations advisory boards. He is a regular speaker at international hotel investment conferences and contributor to international hospitality publications on subjects relating to the delivery of profitable hotel development projects and investment. In 2019 he was nominated to be part of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, an association of two hundred of the industry most respected professionals from across six continents.

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From life to work, craftmanship, self-discipline, entrepreneurship and perseverance have been in his DNA for over 30 years in the industry. Paolo has more than 75 high-rise residential towers and hotel projects successfully completed in some of the world most affluent areas such as Miami Beach and Dubai Financial District. His early years were spent across the world selecting the best wood and raw materials followed by an exploitation of the Chinese furniture manufacturing system to transform the way furniture and kitchens are manufactured. An advocate of quality, attention to details and delivering value for money, Paolo successfully sold the business he built in North America and spent the following years in an advisory capacity to Kempinksi hotels worldwide to re-engineer the way commercial furniture and FF&E as a whole is developed and manufactured.

Our co-founder's

Guiding Principles

With our 3 dimensional approach, we see custom furniture projects from every facet. It enables us to anticipate problems that may occur during the course of the process and we are able to adjust and respond accordingly.


We interact with the designer to ensure the integrity of their design is followed through.


We know and protect the hotel brand standards of the operators.


We transform the owner's assets into inventory and information by ensuring the right investment using our deep knowledge and extraordinary creativity in the budgeting.

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